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While it is hard to imagine that dog biting behavior is similar to human behavior, it is true. When you become frustrated or angry, you may yell or have other inappropriate behaviors. Your dog, however, can not yell and may show their aggression by biting. Unfortunately, if not stopped, it can lead to serious injuries and your dog may have to suffer the consequences of his or her behavior by being euthanized.

The first thing you must realize with dog biting behavior is that there are generally three different types of aggression with dogs.

The first reason for their aggression is dominance or control. They want to be the alpha dog and this behavior needs to be stopped immediately. The best way to handle this is to enforce rules in the house without using a physical punishment, show them you are in control by eating first, and always be the first one out the door or in the house. This will show them that you rank higher than they do and put an end to their fight for top rank.

The second type of aggression is territorial aggression and your dog may not necessarily show this behavior toward you, but instead, show it toward anyone else that comes near you and the home. This must be stopped at a young age and can be done by introducing your dog to a lot of strangers early on in life. Once you prove to them that strangers are not going to harm you or them, their aggression should slowly disappear.

The last type is possessive aggression. This type of aggression, also called food aggression, is quite common and can be broken. The best thing to do is take the dog's food bowl away and start hand feeding them for a week or more. Let them know you have no interest in their food, other than giving it to them. Over time, you can give them the food bowl and add just a few pieces of food at a time. By giving it to them slowly, they will change their behavior and want you to come near their food dish, knowing that you will be giving them more.

Dog biting behavior is often frustrating for both the owner and their dog. The best thing you can do is stop their bad behaviors early in life. However, if your dog is already an adult, you can still teach them better behaviors, but it may take a little longer.


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