What Is The Most Important Dog Grooming Tool

Author: John Mailer

You have several dogs that you love to groom, and you're always on the lookout for new dog grooming tools that will make the process comfortable for both you and your dogs. However, believe it or not, the most important dog grooming tool is your hands.

The Bond Between a Dog and Its Owner

The bond between a dog and its owner is a unique relationship. Dogs are loyal and protective of their owners, and their owners in turn make sure that they take care of them too, by giving them food, toys, shelter, and by grooming them with the right dog grooming tools.

Many owners think that the right do grooming tools have to include such things as brushes, clippers, and scissors, and this is true. However, there is more to grooming that just those basic dog grooming tools. In order to successfully groom a dog, the owner has to build up that trust factor.

The trust factor should ideally be established between a dog and its owner when the dog is a puppy. By feeding and bathing the puppy from such an early age, the puppy begins to think of the owner as its "mother." As such, the dog will trust its owner implicitly.

Dogs are hands-on animals, and the thing that they react to the most is touch. This is why hands are the most important dog grooming tools. If the owner grooms the dos with a heavy hand, the dog will associate that with the experience of being groomed. If the owner grooms the dog gently, the dog twill be most more amenable to the idea of being groomed.

Owners that are grooming their dogs should constantly pat them during the process, because unless the dog is used to being groomed, chances are that the dog will be stressed. Provide a relaxed atmosphere for the dog by shampooing it by gently massaging the shampoo into the dog's coat.

Grooming can also be beneficial for the owner too. For example, if the owner has mild arthritis in the hands, the warm water and the massaging motions of applying the shampoo on the dog's coat can actually be soothing. So, the next time an owner goes to groom their dog, they should remember that while it is important to have the necessary dog grooming tool, the most important dog grooming tool is their own hands.

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