Thunderstorms And Dogs

Anxiety in dogs is a matter that have afflicted canines and worried their poor owners for a long time. Unfortunately, dogs cannot adequately express these fears so it comes out through destructive and harmful behavior. Because of the nature of these dog fears are often unreasonable and difficult to manage, the victims claw and bleed their way through carpets and walls in a desperate attempt to run away from the terror that grips them.

One of the most common of these phobias is the fear of thunderstorms. If this is your pet, consult with your veterinarian as to how to treat your dog best. There are many pharmaceutical medications available that will help your dog deal with this; however, it must be noted that these medications will not cure the phobia. Usually, these will only serve to sedate and calm your dog.

Because drugs and ingested chemicals may be harmful to the dogs system, it is best to work with natural methods first. This article will discuss various methods you can try on how to treat dog fears without using medicine.

A simple way to relieve anxiety in dogs is to play soothing music - harps in particular. It is scientifically proven that music therapy does a lot in lowering a human beings stress levels; the same results show in animals. Playing 10-20 minutes of a gentle and calming harmony will bring the canine to relax and thereby replacing his fear.

A body wrap will also help in taking away the nervousness of the animal.

The stimuli of the canine are extra sensitive-- the maintained and constant pressure of the wrap eases this tension. Use an old t-shirt or whatever stretch fabric to bind the torso firmly. Do this before he actually gets restless so he will not relate the feeling of tension with the wrap.

One effective technique dog behaviorists employ is counter conditioning. This is counteracting the situation that causes fear by replacing it with another situation that will get a positive response from the animal. If you are simulating a thunderstorm, have the distant rumbling of the storm begin very, very softly. Give the dog his favorite treats as you gradually increase the intensity.

For more severe cases and the aforementioned tips do not succeed, consider having the dog take melatonin. Melatonin is an over the counter prescription for people who have insomnia. When you give the dog the correct dosage, he will stay awake and stop being terrified of the storm. Take care and note that different manufacturers have varying qualities and dosages so you cannot use the same measure for all. Check with your vet before you go on.

The manner by which the fear of thunderstorm the canines will manifest will vary. People say that street dogs are usually more traumatized with irrational and difficult phobias because of experiences they have went through. Visit your vet and have your dog regularly checked to accurately diagnose and treat any problems he might have.


Fear of thunderstorms is one of the numerous forms of anxiety in dogs dog lovers have been attempting to find the solutions to. Discover your beloved canine's deepest dog fears and set him free by downloading Geraldine Dimarco's informative articles here.

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